Designing a website is different for every client – it is unique!

Unique to your business, unique to you and unique to your customers.

A large part of our job is to understand what you want to achieve, what image you want to give your customers and to turn that into a simple, clean, informational and inspirational site.

This is your website, your design and we are here to turn it into a reality.

However, this makes giving a price without speaking directly to you difficult as someone may want a three page site only in English to showcase their hand made jewelry whereas another may want a 90 page site in English, Spanish, Catalan and German for their new hotel.

To give you some idea of costs we work along the following guidelines:

What is included in the above cost ?

• Web name(s) - up to 3 - including .com / .es / .org / plus others

• Hosting - the cost of keeping your website live on the web on a 24 hour secure server

• Email - from one to any number of email addresses for your business. Readable directly from your computer and/or phone. Secure with spam filtering.

• Design - meetings with you, discussions, creating the look and feel

• Social Networking - all sites today need to incorporate social networking to help with marketing and search engine recognition. We will help you setup facebook, Pintrest and any others that you need.

• Blog with site integration - we use free industry standard tools like blogger and work with you to ensure you are happy using those tools and that they are integrated to your site to provide the level of customisable information that you need.

• Ability for you to update certain content areas of your site



There are some things that would not be included in the above costs.

• Translation – your web site needs to be professional in whatever language it is in.  We work with career translators, native to the language of translation, to ensure you get the correct image to your clients in all countries.  If you use this service we charge the translation at the cost to us.

To give an example of translation costs please take a look at the website - the translation of this website into one language would cost approximately 150 Euro plus IVA.

• Database – Are you looking for a hotel booking system, an online shop, to sell tickets to numerous events.  Things like this entail much more work or sometimes it is better to buy in an already coded system if it’s a better fit.   We need to speak to you about what you need.


Our guarantee to you is that we will always be up front, explain all the options to you and strive to obtain the best solution for you and your company.

For one recent client we investigated a database based customer management system that could manage their schedule online – could we write one for them?  Sure we could but why would we when there are such great products already out there that have support for almost every field imaginable.  For them the software we looked at was the industry norm in their particular field however, even after negotiation with the company who made the software, the lowest price we could achieve was 49 Euro per month which would have been on top of our cost.  Our customer was a startup business so we gave them another option of using Google calendar for their schedule, and certain of their site pages that they could easily update themselves.  All this was included in our base costing so for now, this was the way they chose.  In a few years time as their client base expands they may move to the other option – and we will be right there with them to help them through any transition when the time is right for them!

We work a lot with business startups but also with people who have been in business for some time and would like a fresh approach to their web presence.  Most websites have a large revamp every 3-5 years


Talk to us – our background is business, making business work on the web, analyzing your current business and how the web can work for you!


Friendly, professional, inspirational